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The most recent arrests in Tyler. The 20 most recent arrest records for Tyler are free. Please use the arrest reports to learn about your neighborhood. Also available are Tyler crime graphs, RSS feed, and Tyler city crime map.

Tyler, California

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Reported On: 12/31/2014 County:
For: 3056 Violation Parole:Felony
givens, farah
Reported On: 11/27/2013 County:
For: 484E Theft Of Access Card
530.5 Unauthorized Use Of Personal Identifying Information
40302(A) Failure To Provide Satisfactory Evidence Of Id
WARRANT Warrants Or Holds Only
Reported On: 9/11/2013 County:
For: 288(A) Lewd Acts Upon A Child
Reported On: 3/3/2014 County:
For: 11377(A) Possession of Controlled Substance
Reported On: 9/16/2013 County:
For: 21310 carrying a concealed dirk or dagger