The following Official Record for rigoberto cornejo is being redistributed by LCN and is protected by constitutional, publishing, and other legal rights. This Official Record was collected on 1/21/2014.  The person named  in this listings has only been arrested on suspicion of the crime indicated and are presumed innocent.

rigoberto cornejo of Newman, CA was last arrested on 8/26/2014

Arrest for rigoberto cornejo


Arrest Name:rigoberto cornejo
Address:2XXX Creek Ct
City, State, Zip:Newman, CA 95360-1445 (Verified)
Reported on:1/21/2014
Arrested for:11377(A) Possession of Controlled Substance
11364 Possess Control Substance Para
466.5(A) Possess With Intent To Use Vehicle Master Key
22450(A) Stop Requirement
Bail amount:

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Previous Arrest History

Arrest details from arrest on 1/18/2014
Arrested for:Arrested by:
DUI Alcohol W/BAC > .08
Possess Control Substance Para
Use/Under Influence Controlled Substance
Use/Under Influence Controlled Substance
Resist, Obstruct, Delay Peace Officer
Review process for assessing and refining postrelease supervision conditions.Stanislaus