The following Official Record for RONALD BAY is being redistributed by LCN and is protected by constitutional, publishing, and other legal rights. This Official Record was collected on 1/28/2015.  The person named  in this listings has only been arrested on suspicion of the crime indicated and are presumed innocent.

RONALD BAY of Valley Center, CA was last arrested on 1/30/2015

Arrest for RONALD BAY


Arrest Name:RONALD BAY
City, State, Zip:,
Reported on:1/28/2015
SourceOrange County
Arrested for:
Bail amount:

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Previous Arrest History

Arrest details from arrest on 1/27/2015
Arrested for:Arrested by:
Possession of Controlled Substance
Indecent Exposure After Illegal Entry Occupied Dwelling
Disorderly Conduct - while loitering, prowling, or wandering upon the private property of another, at any time, peeks in the door or window of any inhabited building or structure, without visible or lawful business with the owner or occupant
failed to register as sex offender
Transient required to register as sex offender.
Santa Cruz
Warrants Or Holds OnlySanta Cruz
Warrants Or Holds Only
Fail to update registration while living as transient in CA
Santa Cruz
Fail to update registration while living as transient in CASanta Cruz