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What are Crime Codes

California law defines each crime according to a specific code section. The Penal Code defines the vast majority of the crimes. But the Vehicle Code addresses certain crimes involving cars, motor vehicles and driving. The Health & Safety Code addresses most crimes involving marijuana or narcotics. You can find more information about California Criminal Codes on our FAQ page.

What does California Criminal Code 22810 Mean?

22810 Purchase / Possession / Use of Tear Gas.
22810(A) Felon Purchase / in Possession or Use of Tear Gas
22810(B) Addict Purchase Or Posses Tear Gas And/Or Tear Gas Weapon
22810(C) No Person Shall Sell or Furnish Any Tear Gas or Tear Gas Weapon to a Minor.
22810(E)(1) Purchase of possession of any tear gas weapon that expels a projectile or that contains more than 2.5 ounces of spray.
22810(G) Use of Tear Gas in Any Way Other Than Self Defense
22810G1 Use of Tear Gas or Tear Gas Weapon Except for Self-Defense.
22810(G)(1) Any person who uses tear gas or any tear gas weapon except in self-defense is guilty of a public offense.
22810(G)(2) Use of Tear Gas Weapon Against a Peace Officer.

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